Suggested supplies for my Nature Drawing & Watercolor classes.  

A sketchbook or spiral-bound pad of drawing or mixed-media paper.  My favorite is the Canson Mix Media 98 lb sketchbook measuring 9 x 12 inches (above).  I also like the Canson Drawing Pad of 24 sheets of 80 lb paper (shown below).  The tablet below has thinner paper that still holds watercolor, but it will wrinkle more than the Mix Media sketchbook.

Drawing pens with permanent ink, such as Micron Pigma pens or Faber-Castel Pitt pens.  For the Microns, I like using 03, 05 and 08 wide tips.  Faber-Castel uses S, M, and L to designate their pen tips.  I also sometimes like using a water-soluble Paper-Mate Flair felt-tip marker in black.  I will demo this in a class, but you don’t need to have it. 

Pencil and a large eraser.  I use a regular #2 wooden pencil, and a large Mars plastic eraser made be Staedtler.

Ruler of any kind…you’ll use it to make straight lines.

 Watercolors of any type…small travel sets are fine.  Bring whatever you own, or invest in a small set of pan watercolors, such as the Winsor & Newton travel watercolor set.