Elizabeth has a kind and gentle teaching style. I’ve taken watercolor classes before and I’ve been overwhelmed by the amount of information given. Elizabeth has a way of explaining an approach to watercolor that gives one confidence and puts you at ease. Whether you’re a beginner or experienced…give her class a try.
Jane Johnston

Portland, OR

Elizabeth’s attitude, encouragement, enthusiasm and skill have made this difficult time (during the pandemic) much easier.

Michelle Bolin

Hillsboro, OR

Your encouragement and suggestions really mean a lot.  I so appreciate how you take time to help us and respond to our questions, inspire and encourage us.  Your classes are one of the main things that have kept me going during this pandemic.  I feel like I am learning and I paint every day, which is what I wanted – a consistent practice. 

Donna Acord

Portland, OR

Thank you again so much.  I do want to say your pace of instruction is great and having something new to focus on each lesson helps keep the interest level wanting more. 

Gerry Dekock

Corvallis, OR

Elizabeth explains watercolor painting like no other teacher I’ve ever had. She builds on what each student – beginner or experienced – already knows. Her gentle teaching style and simple and encouraging words help students unlock some of the beautiful mysteries of watercolor theory, color mixing and putting paint to paper – all while having a lovely learning experience. Elizabeth Higgins is a gem!

JoAnn Boatwright

Hillsboro, OR

I love Elizabeth’s gentle, thorough way of teaching. It is non-judgmental and supportive, and she has such a pleasant manner.
Laura Dickinson

Portland, OR

Elizabeth encourages her students to have fun and experiment freely with colors and techniques. She creates a positive, supportive atmosphere in her classes.

Kathy Fuller

Hillsboro, OR

My family has been taking Zoom Nature Drawing and Painting classes with Elizabeth.  We are a multi-generational group and on different sides of the US and it has been such an amazing opportunity to learn and experience nature art from Elizabeth.  We have made connections with one another through Elizabeth.  It is calming, relaxing, and fun.  Her inclusive style, comfort and encouragement is the perfect recipe for exploring the beauty of nature.

Sheela Woo

Rockville, MD

Elizabeth is a thoughtful, caring teacher who makes art feel easy and accessible to novices. Her classes make me happy!

Amy Clark

Lake Oswego, OR